Stem Cell Advocate works to connect people all over the world with active stem cell therapy centers in China. While still relatively unknown in the West, adult stem cell therapy--autologous and umbilical cord stem cells--have already seen a long history. Hospitals treating patients haven't seen three cases of Cerebral Palsy. They've seen hundreds. Symptoms of Ataxia can be radically reduced. Many genetic disorders respond well to umbilical cord and cord blood cells.

Understanding China and understanding how to get in to Chinese hospitals can be a challenge. We hope to clear the air and pave the way for you to see and know what's happening there, help increase your knowledge of therapies delivered today and hopefully help you see something you had long ago been told was never possible.

We have great hope for the future of stem cell research. But we cannot forget that adult stem cells available today have valuable properties. When faced with a troubled birth, genetic disorder or neurodegenerative condition many doctors will simply say "There's nothing we can do. Go home and learn to live with it."  Stem cell therapy is symptomatic treatment of severe genetic, neurodegenerative, cardiodegenerative and spinal cord developmental disorders.


The patient will receive:

  • One month stay in the hospital with a companion
  • 6 stem cell inejctions, 3 intravenously and 3 in the spinal fluid.  Each injection contains 15 million stem cells.
  • Daily physical therapy and acupuncture

The patient will receive "Neural Growth Factors" to encourage the stem cells to find their targets and transform into new neurons.
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  • Most surgery is destructive by nature.
  • Medication offers moderate results in eradicating disease.
  • There are many diseases and conditions for which existing drugs and treatments offer little in the way of relief or cure.
  • We have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that many patients benefit substantially from stem cell treatment without any credible threat of rejection or adverse side effects.

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